Friday, August 24, 2012

We met last night for book club- thanks Wendy for hosting!  I am ready to start doing this again on a monthly basis. Anyone interested in starting up again too????

 Debra suggested reading Running Barefoot for  our next meeting.  Wondering what nights or days would work for you all.  We could meet during the day or at nights-whatever works best for those interested.

I want to read  a lot of different genres so that we can really get more people involved.  What I want most for people to understand is that if you don't finish the book or you do not like the book, you still need to come!!!  Book club is not about everyone sitting around talking about how much they love the book-it is a discussion about what people liked, disliked, loathed, loved, etc about it.  The more differing opinions about a book the better discussion that follows!  So don't think you shouldn't come because you didn't like the book!  It does not hurt my feelings if you don't like a book a I love.  I want to know what you didn't like about it and see it from someone else's view point.  If you aren't a reader, you are still invited!  You never know we may turn you into a reader eventually!!!

Happy Reading!

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