Monday, March 12, 2012

Okay so I said I wasn't up to doing book club every month, but I also said that if someone found a book they loved then we should get together again.  I didn't plan on finding such a fantastic and fascinating book so soon, but thanks to our newest member, Tiffany, I am ready to set up another meeting!  Tiffany suggested the book Lay That Trumpet In Our Hands by Susan Carol McCarthy.  There was not wait list at the library!  It is a novel but it is based on actual events in Florida during the early 1950's involving the KKK.  If anyone wants to read it and meet up to discuss it, that would be awesome!  I think we would have an amazing discussion with this book.  Thanks Tiffany!  I am thinking we will meet on April 19th-would that work for you ladies?  it is the Thursday after spring break.


  1. Hey, did you ever meet for this? I meant to respond and say that I could make it and forgot and then never heard anything else about it.

  2. No- we never did meet. I loved the book though. We need to pick a good book and set a date to meet again for sure. if you have any ideas let us know!