Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poppy's Frozen Yogurt

Book Club is coming up on the 15th and we will be meeting at Poppy's Frozen Yogurt store.  The address is 9345 S Cimarron.  It is just south of Blue Diamond Road and just west of Durango- in the same little shopping center as Dunkin' Donuts and Papa John's pizza.  You don't have to eat any frozen yogurt if you want to come to book group this time, but I sure am!  They have a dairy free flavor available all the time for those of you who may be dairy free. Anyway- hope you are enjoying the reads for this month and maybe getting a start on Les Miserables for August (or a later date if we aren't done with it by then!) Have a great day!

P.S. if you need a book to fill your need for adventure unitl Mockingjay comes out- try The Mazer Runner by James Dashner.

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